Industrial blade


Cold Rolled Plate Shear Blade

Production Description:

We manufacture shearing blade up to 5500mm(216.54 inches) in length for shearing and cutting lines.

Operational Progress from below:

Steel—Choosing—Blanking—Forging Steel—Roughing Steel—Heart treatment—Finishing—Testing

Cold shearing balde are available side faces,High cost performance,punctual delivery.

Material: 9CrSi,6CrW2Si,H13,Cr12Mov.


Steel-making by medium frequency furnace

San DeLin can meet special requirements for materials . In order to guarantee the quality ,the company imported the spectrometer from Germany and is equipped with various testers,such as tensile tester,impact testing machine,metallography analyzer and so on .

Electro slag remelting
The largest ingot can reach 3 tons in San DeLin company .The ingot obtained by this remelting/refining process is very homogeneous and free of internal defects . The segregation of the ingot (called macro-segregations ) are substantially eliminated and the segregations of crystals (called macro-segregations ) are significantly reduced .

The ESR remelted material improve following mechanical characteristics :

Improved toughness due to increased homogeneity and isotropy

Improved creep resistance properties

Best fatigue strength and tenacity properties as well as outstanding tensile strength

Improved purity

Forging steel
The largest electro-hydraulic hammer is 4.5 ton .And more than 6 skilled technicians work for us .After forging ,the inside microstructure becomes much closer and the metal grain size becomes much smaller . It can evevate the characteristics and quality of the knife ensuring a longer life .

Rough processing
No less than 40sets of processing equipment in the rough processing workshop of San DeLin company , including lathe ,milling machine , planer , drill machine etc. Skilled workers are employed in its rough processing workshop .

Heat treatment
San DeLin company has independent workshop for heat treatment . Couples of skilled technicians work here . Actually , most blades ( thickness ≤100mm) can be fully hardened . Thus ,the blades can be used after repairing until the size reached the minimum design dimension .

San DeLin company has more than 35 sets of processing equipment including internal grinder , external grinder , surface grinder ,CNC grinder ,electric spark CNC wire-cut etc. The company can produce the shearing blades with 5500mm in length and slitting knives with 1300mm in outside diameter .

Various testers are put to use for testing its products in San DeLin company . They are including tensile tester , impact testing machine , metallography analyzer , harmless flaw detector , magnetic powder inspection , hardness tester , caliper rule , microcalliper , etc . Testing is carried out after each step . And every product has a unique track number . Thus it is easy to trace back anytime.

Some other flagship products as following :

1.Flying shear blades
2. Stainless steel slitting knives made of H13 material.
3. Steel bar cutting blades

Round knife paper industrial knives


1. Material: D2, M2, SKD-, H13, 9CrSi, Cr12MOV, W6Mo5Cr4V2
2. HRC40-70
3. Pass ISO9001: 2000
4. Circular blade
5. Cut paper, rubber, plstic

You can choose material D2, M2, SKD-, H13, 9CrSi, Cr12MOV, W6Mo5Cr4V2 and so on for your needs. The hardness requirement will be 40 to 70 HRC according to your need.
Our buttom slitting blades/knives are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including USA, Australia, England, Germany, France, Finland, Nertherland, Kingdom of Denmark, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Thailand, China Hongkong, China Taiwan and so on. The blades/knives quality gets the full affirmation and acclaim of both the domestic and foreign merchants and users. Due to the expansion of production, we now find high-quality buyers and agents widely around the world, sincerely welcome businessmen at home and abroad come to visit, negotiate, explore joint efforts tool ind

ustry, to make it more developed and more strengthened.

Top slitting blade circular dished knives φ105×65×1.2mm

Production name:Top slitting blade

Materail:9CrSi,Cr12Mov,HSS etc.

Standard size from below:

Specifications Outer diameter Inner diameter Thickness Blade angle
φ64×40×1mm 64 40 1 45
φ70×40×1mm 70 40 1 45
φ90×60×1mm 90 60 1 45
φ100×66×1mm 100 66 1 45
φ105×65× 105 65 1.2 45
φ105×70×1.2mm 105 70 1.2 45
φ110×75×1.2mm 110 75 1.2 45
φ130×90×1.2mm 130 90 1.2 45
φ150×80×2mm 150 80 2 45

The slitting blade is main of use for cutting paper, packaging tape,film,and so on.

Top slitting blade circular dished knives φ105×65×1.2mm

Log Saw Blades used for tissue paper converting industry

Log Saw Blades,circular top and buttom slitting blade,round blade,circular dished knives

Log saw circular blades are manufactured for PCMC, Perini and other log saw machines with 1-4 lanes.
Standard Size for your need,No need drawing.

and we have stock in our workshop,Samples to confirm our quality.
Diameter 610 x Bore 68.26 x Thickness 4.76
Diameter 610 x Bore 68.26 x Thickness 3.80
Diameter 610 x Bore 82.55 x Thickness 4.76
Diameter 610 x Bore 82.55 x Thickness 3.80
Diameter 610 x Bore 100.0 x Thickness 4.76
Diameter 610 x Bore 100.0 x Thickness 3.80

circular slitting blade

Top Slitting Blade of splitting machine to cutting paper

Top Slitting Blade and Buttom Slitting Blade

Top Slitting Blade used in conjunction with dished knives these knives are made purposely harder than dished knives, dished knives being the consumable item. Bottom cutters are usually made to order (although we do keep stocks of some of the popular sizes) as they last a long time especially if ground correctly. We also supply bottom cutters with multiple cutting edges – known as multi knife blocks. These can be in one piece or split to facilitate easy fitting and removal from the shaft. We also supply hardened spacers made to order.

top slittting blade

Straight Knives and Shear Blades

We offer various solutions that are primarily used in the steel industry, transformer sheet industry, and in the non-ferrous metal industry. Our product range includes a wide variety of shear blades (bowtie or straight shear design), scrap chopper blades, and customer-specifi c blades with a length of up to 236 in. (6000 mm). Our knives are made of high alloy tool steel, powder metallurgical steel, or Johann Krumm special knife materials. Whether for precision applications in the thin strip area or heavy gauge slitting up to a material thickness of 0.787 in. (20.0 mm), in combination with different material strengths, our tools will be tailored for the particular slitting application. Through many years of experience and knowledgeable technical advice, we help our customers achieve a continuous and trouble free production process by using our high precision tools.

Straight Knives and Shear Blades

Shredder Crushing Blade

Apart from knives for the food industry we also produce knives for many other industries – among them for instance, the paper industry, the tobacco industry, rubber industry and especially the recycling industry. For the latter we produce many shredder blades.

Something we find crucial is the fact that the thickness of the shredder knives has to be produced very precisely, inasmuch as they have to fit perfectly together. In addition, knowledge of the right material for the knives is of great importance.

Shredder Crushing Blade