Slitting blade

circular shearing blade for cutting metal material

1. High intensity, high hardness, high wear resistance,high toughness

2. 27 years manufacture experience

3. Precision: 卤0.02mm

4. Professional Grinding & Heat Treating Processing

5. Standard materials: HSS,D2, Tungsten Carbide etc.

6. Finish: Precision finish, Mirror finish, Lapping finish available


1. Increased blade durablity and reduced retooling time.
2. Higher precision available,anti vibration and small thermal deformation
3. Excellent cutting quality,stable and reliable cutting performance

4. Forging steel to ensure blades with a long work life.

5. Triple tempered to retain the hardness while toughness kept.

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Metal cutting blades are widely used in metal processing industry.Plate shears blade into movement on a knife and fixed under the knife, flying shears used to cut iron, steel, paper, etc.Our company provides times feet flying shears, start-stop type flying shears pills, disc flying shears pieces and a variety of flying shears, quality assured.
We have the ability to solve these problems.We choose the most suitable material, the necessary heat treatment and precision machining to produce high quality products.Modern science and technology, modern equipment, rich production experience, the rationalization of production we have the ability to cope with all the challenges of market.

circular shearing blade for cutting metal material

circular shearing blade for cutting metal material

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