Slitting blade

Corrugated cardboard cutting machine knives

Product Name:              Corrugated Slitter Knives

Size:                                Ø230×135×1-3mm

Material:                         9 CrSi/D2 / H12 / H13 / SLD / HSS / Tungsten Carbide
Finishing:                       Customized (TiN TiC,TiCN TiAN CrN.etc)
Product Definition:        Corrugated cardboard cutting machine knives
Application:                     Corrugated/Foil/Film/Paper/Plastics Cutting Machine
OEM/ODM:                     Acceptable

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Specification Machine
Ø220×115×1-3×Ø9mm Agnati
 Ø230×110×1.1-6×Ø9mm Fosber
 Ø2.30×135×1.1mm Fosber
Ø240×32×1.2-2×Ø8.5mm BHS
Ø240×115×1-3×Ø9mm Agnati
Ø250×150×0.8mm Peters
Bhs Machine Replacement Tc Slitting Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blade Corrugated Carton Box

The corrugated carboard cutting machine knives(sheeter knives) are primarily applied to corrugated cardboard rotary knife,which still have brisk and no-tearing cutting performance for cardboard and honeycomb board under high speed rptation.

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