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Materials(our broad of choice of materials available):
High Carbon; Stainless Steel; High Speed Steel; Special Alloy; Tool Steel; Tungsten Carbide;Diamond; Metal-bonding; Cr12MoV; H13; H13K; HMB; HMK.
Application(blades can be used in the following cutting):
Paper cutting;Extrusion\Cut-off;Film and Foil slitting;Fiber cutting;Mat cutting;Plotting;Fiberglass;Trimming;Plastic;Printing;Rubber;Sign making;Surgical Scalpel;Tile cutting.
Industry(Metallurgical Industrial Blades for following industries):
Arts and Grafts; Auto Glass;Ceramic Dicing;Converting;Fiber;Food;Hunting;Industrial;Magnets;Medical;Packaging;Customized blades.

Manufacturing machines:
Steel-making: Medium frequency furnaces, Electric melting furnaces,
Forging: Air hammer, Electro-hydraulic hammer,
Rough Processing: CNC Lathe, Sawing machine, Slotting machine, Milling machine, Facing machine, Drilling machine,
Heat Treatment: Salt bath furnace transformer, Well type resistance furnace, Bogie-hearth resistance furnace, Chamber type electric resistance furnace, Lift platform, Homemade tempering furnace, Homemade oil burner, Suction Ventilator, Bell type heat furnace
Precision Processing: Internal grinder, External grinder, CNC grinder, Electric spark CNC wire-cut,etc.

Testing equipments:
Spectrometer, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Leeb Hardness Tester, Impact Testing Machine, Metallography Analyzer, Ultrasonic Harmless Flaw Detector, Carbon and sulfur analyzer, Tensile Tester, Magnetic Powder Inspection, Caliper rule, Microcalliper rule,etc.

scrap shear blade for cutting steel sheet

scrap shear blade for cutting steel sheet

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