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Our Circular Slitting Knives are widely used and well accepted in flexible materials like foil & film, paper mills, paper products, printing, adhesive tape, plastic & rubber, nonwoven & textile, compounds etc.

San DeLin is equipped with strong custom-made ability of several hundred slitting knife designs. This includes toothed, sawed, corrugated, dished, arrow, multi-grooved and compounded.

Materials: Solid carbide, HSS, Tool steel

Beveled Circular Knife Edge Styles
San DeLin beveled circular knives can be configured with a number of edge geometries to help you achieve the optimum cutting edge.
Square Edge                  Single Bevel Blunt               Single Bevel Sharp
Double Single Blunt      Double Single Sharp            Double Blunt
Double Sharp                 Double Double Blunt           Double Double Sharp

Common specification size

Ø76×25.4×1.2mm Ø76×26×2mm Ø80×22×1.2mm Ø80×25.4×2mm
Ø80×40×1mm Ø90×55×2mm Ø100×25.4×1.2mm Ø100×25.4×2mm
Ø100×50×2mm Ø110×25.4×1.2mm Ø110×25.4×2mm Ø110×70×2mm
Ø120×25.4×2mm Ø150×25.4×2mm Ø180×25.4×2mm Ø200×25.4×2.5mm
Ø200×32×2/3mm Ø300×25.4×3mm Ø300×25.4×3mm Ø300×25.4×2.8mm
Ø300×32×3mm Ø300×32×3mm Ø350×25.4×3mm Ø350×40×3mm
Ø400×25.4×3.5mm Ø450×25.4×3mm Ø510×80×3.5mm Ø610×100×4.7mm



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